First Ladies Feel The “Glory”

Christmas Detroit Style

Over forty First Ladies and other women leaders from Detroit came together for the First Ladies GLORY Tea at Abundant Life Church. The morning began with Executive Producer of One Sleepy Night – Detroit, Carol Hart, giving a warm welcome and pointing the women to the robust coffee and tea bar. Besides great hot drinks the ladies discovered delicious treats from Detroit’s Good Cakes and Bakes that April Anderson, owner and pastry chef at GCB, and her team put together.

Then co-emcees, First Lady Sandra Abraham Glass of El Bethel Baptist Church and Pastor Wytrice Harris of Total Life Christian Ministries led the women in a time of introductions where each lady around the table introduced herself. The women encouraged one another in the work they were doing in their congregations and communities.

The Tea was more than just another event; it was the beginning of a profound movement. It showcased the true power of collaboration and shared vision among inspiring women, community leaders, and talented artists.

First Lady Sandra Abraham Glass

After this time of welcome, John Sloan III, the Director, Co-Writer and Co-Producer of the musical was introduced. He commented that the show features exciting Detroit artistic talent and that it was an effort that really reflected the Detroit community. Of course, he encouraged everyone to get their tickets now!

John was followed by a musical performance that gave a taste of the music from One Sleepy Night – Detroit. Kenny Watson who plays Gabriel, the Angel of the Lord, sings at the top of the show that God is “Up to Somethin’” and “it’s gonna be real good.” He performed that song to the delight of the audience and it was “real good.” Kristian Fountain followed by sharing “Magnificent Day” as the character Mary. It captures the moment right after she has heard she will become the mother of Jesus, the Son of God. It’s a very moving piece. You can hear samples of these two songs here.

Khary Wae Frazier, hip-hop artist and Detroit advocate, is the President of Creative Differences Marketing, and the founder of Detroit is Different, a video magazine that is home to the people and places that enrich the culture of Detroit. He’s leading the community outreach for the show with his colleagues Toni McIlwain, long term community activist in the Ravendale community and Linda Kent Buchanan, Board Chair of Hope Village Revitalization, a community-led organization whose mission is to move the HOPE Village neighborhood forward. They shared details on how the leaders attending could become involved with One Sleepy Night – Detroit.

That included:

  • Making their congregation aware of the Musical and encouraging them to buy tickets here.
  • Work with their event coordinator to organize a Church Outing to the Show
  • Participate in the Pay It Forward program through which tickets are available for those in need

Pastor Wytrice commented, “The Tea was not only fun and inspiring but also a wonderful opportunity for making new connections and strengthening our community. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive outcomes of our collective efforts!”

First Lady Sandra added, “I’m so excited to see the show, knowing it’s going to be an unforgettable and glorious experience for all.”

There was an excited buzz as everyone went out to their day ready to become involved and, of course, buy their tickets!

You can do that too right now by clicking here. Don’t wait. Get yours before they’re sold out! It will be GLORIOUS!


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