One Sleepy Night - Detroit

From Detroit to towns and cities across America

One Sleepy Night – Detroit
is an initiative of Hart Entertainment, L3C. 

Our Purpose as a Company
Through the communication arts to glorify God, provide for our families and enrich the human community.

Our Current Focus
Producing One Sleepy Night – Detroit this Christmas


  • To take One Sleepy Night to towns and cities across America and beyond—in various cultural versions.


To share the life-transforming news of the birth of Jesus through a GLORIOUS musical theatrical experience that delights the audience and builds cross-cultural bridges.


  • Glory to God
    • By bringing our best to tell his story with love, kindness and humility.
  • Inspiring entertainment
    • All of us who experience any part of this effort should feel good afterwards and walk forward with a smile on our faces, a tapping in our toes and quiet hope in our hearts.
  • Fun
    • This is going to be hard work, but it will be fun for everyone!
  • Joy
    • We want to overflow with life and and all things joyful –with the knowledge that often joy comes out of hardship and overcoming tremendous difficulty.
  • Justice
    • We want to see justice in our world. One expression will be paying our team of artists and tech people a just wage.
  • Diversity
    • Celebrate the richness of many cultural expressions through this one story


  • Gather like-minded experts in their fields who build relationships through this project and apply their skills to gather an audience that can enjoy this vision. Along the way, we will raise the funds to achieve it.
  • Approach: Leadership based on the specific version. For example, a Latinex leadership team to create a Hispanic version. Chinese for a Chinese version, etc.-with multi-cultural collaboration.
  • One Business Operating System
    • We will develop this product and execute production based on a business operating system that uses a Plan Do Check Act (P.D.C.A) approach. This system will operate with financial transparency, promote ethical interactions and increase productivity.
  • Function as an LC3.
    • Hart Entertainment was founded by Don and Carol Hart in 1990 as a DBA and rebranded as an L3C in 2022. L3C is an abbreviation for Low-Profit Liability Company. It means that to be healthy a company needs to make a small profit, but its missional aspect plays a dominant role in the projects it undertakes and the metrics by which it measures success.

For more information about this initiative see the FAQs.