Experience the gift of love that came down late...


“Grandpa, I can see it!”

This is the story of how Grandpa Benny Wilson, struggling in retirement with his life and his wife, discovers that his granddaughter Shantelle doesn’t know the story of Christmas.

Through the magic of his telescope, the characters in the modern story become figures in the ancient story. Grandpa becomes Kaspar, the head Wise Man. LaToya, his wife, becomes Mrs. K.  And Shantelle becomes the Boss Shepherd who bosses her three older brothers.

Through a series of mishaps, all roads eventually lead to Bethlehem where a glorious discovery is made at the manger. The scene changes back to the modern story where insights from the ancient journey—and in a check-out line—reunite Benny and LaToya and with them the whole family in joy and love.